Jane Cho – ELEKTRA

A magnificent performance – its amazing the amount of energy she has.  During the performance the bow began to fray – she got to the end without an actual break, and the glance she gave the bow at the end of the performance was sufficient to prove it was live!  The dancing complemented the music and her outfit was superb.  See her at: janechomusic.

Jane Cho - ELEKTRA
Jane Cho - ELEKTRA
Jane Cho
Jane Cho
Jane Cho
Jane Cho

From the Hats Off! 2011 concert at the Seymour Centre, part of the 2011 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.  This and more available at: Strobeglow.

Jack Vidgen

So I had the opportunity to make Jack Vidgen’s (of Australia’s Got Talent fame) portrait at the Hat’s Off concert.  Firstly I would like to say he is a very nice young man, nothing pretentious or smug about him, he’s just charming.  I expect his mother has had a lot to do with that, she struck me as a very realistic and practical mun, and she is very proud of her boy!

Jack Vidgen
Jack Vidgen

Back stage I used a handy wall in the green room to capture this image.  Note the great smile!

Jack Vidgen
Jack Vidgen back stage


I have a few extras from the concert, I quite like this one:

Jack Vidgen
Jack Vidgen Hats Off Concert

Taken from edge of stage (200mm, f2.8)


All in all he is a terrific crowd pleaser.  I’ve read various people complaining about his vocal talents, but for performance work he’s got all he needs.

Sydney power

Sydney never sleeps, well, maybe a little, anyway the power is there if it’s needed, a glass of warm milk, a trip to town, or heavy manufacturing. Hit the pic to be transported to the Strobeglow Sydney gallery…

~ strobeglow


Agala stands for the Australian Gay and Lesbian Association which is owned and run by members of the GLBTQ community.

I met some of the people that run AGALA and I was impressed with their dedication and compassion.  Their goal is to promote a healthy community which supports each other by getting involved. To achieve this they write about artists, entertainers, authors and new and exciting businesses to inform about the people who are making it happen and need a bit of help getting it out there.

They cover:

  • News and Interest
  • Entertainment
  • Accommodation
  • Art
  • Services
  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Alternative therapies
  • Where to eat
  • Travel
Click image for AGALA web site