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  • Body Skull
    In Voluptas Mors Philippe Halsman / Salvador Dalí A tribute to the iconic image. Voluptas the Roman goddess of pleasure Mors the personification of death In pleasure, death A dark sentiment, attributed to Dali’s fixation on immortality. The work certainly continues to fascinate. But it is not that simple. Voluptas is the Roman goddess of … Read more
  • Candle Photography
    Low-light photography used to be hard, to impossible. With modern cameras, it is completely possible, with good planning. Sensitivity is key. The camera needs to be able to photograph with little light, and make images that are not too noisy / grainy. This means most cameras and phones today can do the job. Planning Testing … Read more
  • Sharna
  • Mood Boards and Inspiration
    Inspiration can come from anywhere, an image on social media, a beautiful sunrise, a scene on a street. When the time comes to photograph it, you need to communicate your inspiration to others. A mood board is a great way to capture the mood or feeling of a shoot, or a particular image. The Mood … Read more
  • Should My Images Look the Same?
    After a photoshoot, the editing starts. This can be a simple process, or as complex as desired. As part of this editing, the overall look and feel of an image is determined. This includes the colour pallet – basically the dominant colours used in an image. If you think about a great movie, all the … Read more

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